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Experience Dublin, Wellness and Yourself.

The first time I heard about Airbnb experiences was from a fellow traveller while I was in Budapest last year. He had booked a yoga class and photography experience in Budapest, he got to combine a yoga practice with taking photos at the city's best spots. He had also done a cookery class in Italy with a local woman, in her house, she got to share her passion of fresh local food, while making some extra money. He got to experience how Italians really live and eat, win/win!!

At the time I was looking for more ways of sharing my Yoga and Meditation practices with others, and knew this was the perfect way.

As soon as I got home, I immediately got onto Airbnb to see how I could be part of this growing trend of "experiencing" a city, rather than the same old same, old tourist traps. I am passionate about traveling, and meeting new people. Hosting people in my home in the traditional airbnb way is not something that suited me, but hosting experiences was right up my street. I get to combine my love for Yoga & Meditation with spending time with people from all over the world.

Practicing Yoga at Home

I have two experiences listed on the site.

1) Yoga, Reiki and Howth Hike.

2) Enchanted Forest Meditation.

If you choose to book the first option,

Yoga, Reiki and Howth Hike Experience you will meet me and up to 3 other guests at Tara Street Dart Station in the city centre. We take the dart to my Home on Dublin northside.

I have a cosy space in my home set up for 4 people to practice Yoga. After our yoga session, I will share a short Reiki healing with you. Reiki is gentle form of hands on energy healing. After the Yoga and Reiki you may feel what I call the Yoga "High" so we go from some much needed grounding, in my favourite place in Howth, surrounded by lots of lush trees and plants, and a sea breeze, helping to bring us back down to earth.

Howth is a popular tourist destination in Dublin. You will see many recommendations for Howth in your in-flight magazine on your flight to Dublin. As soon as you land in Dublin Airport you are bombarded with posters and adverts of picturesque Howth.

It is well worth the hype, however there are many area's that are over populated with tourists. So if you are looking for something a little different and quieter I can show you some hidden trails that mostly only locals enjoy. You will get to experience the stunning views of Howth Village, Dublin City and the Irish Sea.

Views of Dublin bay.

I have had many people on these experiences, I love sharing my local knowledge and also hearing their travel stories, and becoming familiar with their background.

While sharing a part of my city with new friends, I am keen to allow time to relax and slow down a little to take it all in at a pace that is less hectic to your normal working week. I want to give something that will always be remembered, not just another Instagram post, although there is plenty of amazing photo opportunities too!!

Enchanted Forest Meditation

Option two.

Enchanted Forest Meditation . Again I meet you in the city centre and we take the dart to Howth. When we get off at the station we turn left while all the other tourists follow the crowd and turn right. Along the way you will get to see Howth Castle, and an ancient Dolmen (Celtic Tomb). After we have walked and chatted together, I will share a guided meditation in the forest which will allow you to focus on your senses and enjoy nature in a way that you have never experienced before. I will then guide you on a mindful walk, again with the focus of connecting with our senses, feeling, smelling, seeing, hearing even tasting the forest!

This experience offers time to relax and rejuvenate. Being in nature especially around trees has massive benifits on our physical and mental health, connecting with yourself, nature and Dublin on a different level. On this experience I host up to 10 people, meditating in a group is a very special thing, and meeting people on your travels is all part of the adventure.


If you would like to join me on one of my wellness experiences or know someone traveling to Dublin this summer, please get in touch or visit , If you don't see dates that suite you let me know, ill do my best to accommodate you!

View of Dublin

Forest Meditation

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