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I agree to the following.

  1. That I am participating in the Yoga classes or any other exercise programmes offered at Yoga Energy with Katie during which I will receive information and instruction about yoga, physical exercise or health. I recognise that exercise requires physical exertion, which may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved.

  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult a physician prior to and regarding my participation in the yoga classes, health programs or workshops offered by my instructor or substitute teacher. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and I have no medical condition, which would prevent my full participation in these yoga classes, health programmes or workshops. (Online or Inperson)​

  3. I must contact Yoga Energy with Katie directly to inform of any injury's or conditions I have. 

  4. If I am pregnant I understand that I participate fully at my own risk and that of my unborn child/children.

  5. I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or programmes offered by my instructor or substitute teacher.

  6. Being permitted to participate in the yoga classes, health programmes or workshops, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim I may have against my instructor or substitute teacher for injury or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in these programmes.

  7. I hereby take full and sole responsibility from any liability of loss or damage to personal property associated with yoga classes or any other events.

In person classes during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If I attend an in person class whilst Coronavirus restrictions and safety measures are in place, I will:

(A) Take care of myself by following the appropriate government guidance on measures such as hand washing and social distancing. I will also take care of my personal items and yoga props, maintaining the cleanliness of my equipment by washing them in-between classes.

(B) Follow the protocols and safety measures set out by Yoga Energy with Katie for attending in person classes (See Below)

(C) Not attend any class I have booked, or the Yoga Energy with Katie physical space, should I be displaying any symptoms or have knowingly been in contact with anyone who is symptomatic.

(D) Inform Yoga Energy with Katie  should I develop symptoms following attendance at an in person class.

Online & Virtual Classes 

(A) As with our studio classes, by taking part in any online class, you acknowledge that classes may be physically strenuous, and you voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there could be a risk of personal injury.

(B) When practising from home, you accept full responsibility for your space and the health and safety precautions within this space.

(C) You acknowledge that Yoga Energy with Katie accepts no responsibility for any potential injuries as a result of practise outside of the studio space.

(D) Yoga Energy with Katie is not responsible for any injuries you may experience as a result of your use of any material found on the company website.

(E) Whilst practising online the student is responsible for choosing and taking suitable modifications within their practice and if a student chooses to divert from the general instructions of the class, then they are doing so at their own discretion.

(F) Whilst practising online the student understands that with their camera on, they are visible to the teacher and other attendees who are in the online space. 

Terms & Conditions

Booking Classes: 

All class numbers are now limited and will have social distancing in place. Students must pre-book their place for all classes.

If you wish to pay cash for any class you must contact me directly to arrange this. 

Arrival and departure from the yoga studio:

I ask that all Students leave the yoga class one after the other, respecting the safety distances. They are also requested to respect the safety distances outside the yoga class area as they enter & leave . 

Class will be divided into 2 pods. The first 6 students to enter the class are asked to set up their mats on the far side of the room, the last 5 students are asked to set up closed to the door. When the class finished the 5 students closet to the door, should leave first, followed by the 6 students on the other side of the room. This prevents students having to walk past each other. 

Cancellation Policy:

You must cancel you'r place on all Pre-Booked classes a minimum of 6 hours before the class start time, or you will be charged for the class. For any students who have pre-booked a 4/6 classes you must contact me directly, in this case we will try to work out rescheduling of classes. (this may not be always possible) Note: Online classes may be offered as a substitute. 

Sanitising & Masks

Hand Sanitiser is available at the entrance to the room, so students can sanitise their hands before and after class.  When possible, it is recommended to avoid contact with any vulnerable area, our doors will be left open, only to be opened and closed by the yoga teacher where possible so please arrive on time for class.

All students are requested to bring their own yoga mats, towels, & water bottles, or any other items you wish to use during your practice, no shared items will be available for use at this time.

Masks are requested when you enter and exit the building. 

Protecting Each Other:

As a teacher, I will not touch or give hands-on corrections, yoga students are required to stay on their mat before class and if queuing for any reason must adhere to social distancing, If I need to walk around the room, I will wear a mask.

Particularly vulnerable people:

Particularly vulnerable people are requested to follow the advise of the HSE and to refrain from coming to yoga class for the time being .Students with symptoms of illness and/or allergies (sneezing) & ( coughing ) are asked to stay at home at this time

This protocol is subject to change please email us at with any questions regarding classes

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above under my own free will. By booking into any Yoga Energy with Katie  classes or accessing online material I hereby agree to the terms and conditions above.

Upon booking any of our services you are confirming you indicate acceptance of our waiver.

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