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The Full Story

Menstrual Cycle Awareness 

Anú Rising

Anú Rising was created on the foundation of Education & Celebration. I truly want everything that is done here to be of benefit to you, your body and our planet. 

Anú Rising initially started as The Freya Journal. My good friend Amy has a daughter who will be celebrating Menarche in the next few years. Amy is a hugely creative person who had the amazing idea of offering products to people that are educational. She wants her daughter to grow up with more respect and knowledge of her body than she and many other women do. 

Over time Amy decided that this project wasn't meant for her and it was taken into fruition by Katie O'Byrne, who has been working with women and their cycle's since 2020. Katie has always felt called by Celtic tradition and after much searching Anú came to her.


Anú is another name for the Goddess Danú. Mother of the Tudha de Dannan, a supernatural race from the "otherworld" Kings, Queens, Bards, Warriors, Hero's and Healers. They are shapeshifters and are said to have control over the fertility of the land. 

The paps of Anú are two mountains side by side in Co. Kerry which look like women's breasts. There are two mounds on top which are a presumed megalithic tomb and a cairn. Katie first saw the pap's when she was driving to Kenmare in Co. Kerry, her first time moving away from home at 18, she knew they were special, but didn't know that 18 years later they would be of huge significance to her and her work. You can read more about the fascinating history and mythology of the Pap's here. 



At The Core


Anú Rising is about creating an inclusive community in our on-lines spaces as well as getting to know one another at our educational events and circles. All spaces are always open to menstruators and anyone who identifies as a women (regardless of menstrual or womb status) . With the occasional special event that will include all others. 


This business is not about competition, but rather looking towards others to build strong connections and collaborate to strengthen and grow together. If you feel you can contribute or would like to collaborate please get in touch here. 


Learning new and relearning old ways of being. Exploring how we can look after our body, mind and spirit. 


No more hiding pads up our sleeves! We are here to celebrate all that it means to bleed, and what it means not to bleed. Celebrating all aspects of natures cycles. 


No fast fashion here! All our products are made with the wellbeing of our bodies and environment in mind



I am so passionate about cycles. I truly believes that cycle awareness can change the world. I have been guiding Women's Circles, Yoga classes & retreats since 2016.

Studying and observing her own cycle for the past 3 years, she has learned to not only embrace the natural changes that occur but use them to her advantage!  Menstrual Cycle Awareness and embracing Celtic history and mythology seemed to happen at the same time. I felt a deep calling to visit sacred sites around Ireland, sit with the energy and listen to her intuition. 

I feels so much joy & pleasure from this feminine based work, that she simply couldn't ignore the calling of Anú.



How To Use The Journal 

The most effective way to understand your cycle is to track it every day. This journal is for anyone looking to live a more feminine and cyclical lifestyle regardless of your menstrual status. 

Throughout each month your hormones rise and fall which influences everything from your mood, your appetite, your creativity, your sociability and how energetic your feel. In order to have more authority over your life, you should embrace these natural changes. The Anú Rising journal teaches you have to associate each phase of your cycle to the natural changes of the yearly seasons. 

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