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5 Ways to create a Sacred Space in your Home

Creating a calm, sacred space where you can fully switch off and focus on your practices, rituals or ceremony can be challenging.

Often when we practice yoga or meditation at home it can be very distracting, sometimes due to other people we live with, not respecting our space. We tend to get distracted by things that need to be tidied, fixed or changed in our home. Phones ringing, door bells going. TV's in the background, the list goes on. This is why so many people escape to a yoga studio, meditation centre or retreat.

Have you ever noticed walking into a yoga studio it has a very special feeling? This is because the teacher has done numerous things to prepared the room as a sacred space, and you can do the same in your new sacred space at home.

1: Find your place:

Decide where you want to be YOUR space. A corner in your bedroom, sitting room, the hall way, landing or weather permitting even the garden. Try to pick a place that's quite, and you wont be disturbed easily.


2: Clear the space:

De-clutter the space, take away anything that's not needed. You can smudge the space with some sage or incense this helps to clear negative energy that may have built up. Make sure to open a window to allow the old energy to leave. If you don't have sage or incense, you could use a sound bowl, wind chimes, drum or chant to raise the vibration energy. Making sure to set an intention or say a prayer while clearing the space. Light a candle while you clear the space to invite light in.

3: Create an Alter:

Bringing in your favourite items that you will use in this space, try not to clutter the space, only using the essentials. It can be as simple as a candle. But you can get creative and incorporate elements such as Incense and candles for fire, a sea shell for water, a plant or rocks for earth. A photo or statue of a deity or spiritual being that you resignate with such as angles or family members who have passed on. Any of your favourite items that bring you peace or happiness.

4 Set Boundaries:

If you live with other people, explain to them what your space if for and when you will be using it. Explain this is a special place for you that you need for your physical, mental and spiritual well being. Ask them to respect your space and your time in this space. You are in an important meeting with yourself!!!

5: Soft music and lights.

If possible try to use soft lighting, think about how your favourite yoga studio is set up, calm music in the background, candles and soft lighting

immediately calms our nervous system and allows us to relax.

Remember this space is as sacred as you keep it. Set rules for your space, eg, no shoes, no shouting, respect the space you create for yourself, the same as you would for a public sacred space such as a Yoga studio or church, so when its time to practice your yoga or meditation you are always ready.

Really all of these things are just tools to help you relax and say focused and to remind you how special your practices are. But remember Yoga and Meditation can be practised anywhere at any time. A space is just a space, you don't have to have loads of fancy crystals and candles to make it sacred, to truly make a space sacred it is done with the intention we set for it, and the love that is shown in the space.

Feel free to share your photos of your sacred space, with me on social media using the hashtag #mysacredhome


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