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Go with your


Start to work with your body instead of against it


go with the flow of life.

Master the dynamic personality of your hormones.

Learn to conjure the power, magic & wisdom of each phase of your Menstrual cycle 


Menstrual Cycle Awareness?


We are all cyclical beings, and understand the cycle's of the sun, moon, the seasons and life. But do you fully understand what happens within a menstruators body each month? 

We live in a world that encourages us to live a very linear lifestyle, in relation to diet, exercise, work and study. But this is changing, and changing for the better. 

You are ready to

Go With Your Flow if


You are a menstruator or simply wish to connect to a more cyclical approach to life.

(Non-Menstruators can benefit from this wisdom too) 

If you wish to "Know your Flow" in terms of overall health & fertility.

You want to become versed in a new and inclusive language that makes Menstruation easy to talk about.

You wish to Master a more feminine way of manifesting the life you desire. 

You want manage and ease symptoms and disorders such as Cramps, Irritability, Mood Changes, Bloating, Heavy or Irregular Periods, Endometriosis, PMDD, PCOS, Fibroids. 

You are transitioning off the hormonal pill, and want support navigating that change.

You wish to Explore how to make your Yoga or other practices/exercise more Womb friendly.

You crave more confidence in your work. Incorporating a more cyclical, more productive way of making your way in the world.

 You wish to feel more empowered & confident when visiting your GP or gynaecologist. 

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What you will receive


60 minute 1:1 zoom session

Customised Yoga & Ayurveda healing practices , tailored for your individual needs.

Recording of the session to keep forever and refer back to in your own time.

Additional 4 x 45 minute zoom calls to for guidance and support on MCA and individual practices. 

Access to the Bean Feasa Membership for 2 months. 



2 Months commitment to yourself 

Get in touch for your FREE 30 minutes trial, to see if we are suited to working together (no commitment) 

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About Katie

When I first started learning about the magic of the Menstrual Cycle, I felt like the world had been turned upside down, and I wondered why I hadn't  already known this, what I consider vital information about my body. I have gone from pressuring myself into doing what I thought I "should" to simply being the way I am. Living in sync with my menstrual cycle, has made life so much more pleasurable. 

My teachings now offer personalised Yoga & Ayurveda practices which are rooted in MCA, and influenced by cyclical wisdom of the Celtic Wheel and nature. 

Operating in a way that compliments my own true nature, through the understanding of how I change and grow not only from month to month but throughout my life, has brought so much passion into my life that I am so excited to share with you. 

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