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I would truly appreciate any feedback in relation to how you view yoga and or why you don't practice at all or regularly,. All answers will be completely confidential, and are for my own progression as a teacher.  As a gift for your time you will receive a Free Full Moon & Summer Solstice Yoga Practice. Sending lots of Love Katie 

Do you feel you need to have a certain body type to join a yoga class?
Do you feel you have to dress a certain way to attend a class? How?
If someone asked you to go to yoga, what are your first thoughts about the class?
Has your doctor/physio ever recommneded Yoga
If yes did they specifisy what style of Yoga?
I have wanted to start yoga however
When I think of Yoga I think.....
When you see photos like the one above how does it make you feel?
I dont want to join a yoga class becuse I feel self consious about
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