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Chakra Yoga Online Course

Welcome to Your Chakra Yoga Online Course. 

Congratulations on dedicating the next 5 days to your self care and self development 

This online Chakra Course is a guide for you to create a new routine for your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. 

This course is designed to be practiced every day over 5 constitutive days. However you may feel its better for you to space it out. Try to set a schedule for yourself now and commit to sticking with it. 

How to prepare for this online course?

Prepare your space that you will practice in. check out my blog on how to create a sacred space. 

Practice yoga on an empty stomach. Get a good night sleep and arrive to your yoga mat fresh and ready to practice as if we were practicing in person together. Have a journal or piece of paper to write on. 


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Understand the
7 Chakras 

This video is to give you an understanding of what we will be working on in the upcoming Yoga & Mediation Classes 

Each section of this page has a Yoga practice, Meditation, Chakra theory video, and Homework (eg journeling) 

It is up to you how you schedule all of this into your day. I would suggest that you do you Yoga practice in the morning, watch the theory video in the afternoon, and do the homework and meditation in the evening. (journeling can be done after every practice) 

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7 Chakra Yoga Video

Root & Sacrel Chakra Theory

7 Chakra Meditation 

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Welcome to day 1 of your course. I hope you are feeling motivated to continue on this wellness journey. Check out your first Chakra Yoga Practice. Please take your time with the exercises and remember to always listen to your body, never do anything that doesn't feel right for you. 

Homework: Journeling Exercise

The practice of journaling is an extremely powerful way of getting to know yourself more. Getting to know what you are holding onto that you no longer need. Exploring what it is that you want from life You will be surprised what things show up on paper once you start writing. 

Take out your journal and ask yourself the following questions. Answer them one by one and honestly. Remember this exercise is just for you. The more honest you are the more you will learn about yourself. 

1: Write down your experience of todays yoga practice. How I felt, what I learned, what I let go of?

2: What do I feel is holding me back in life?

3: Which Chakra feels blocked/unbalanced? How does it feel? in what ways is it unbalances? What needs to be done to bring balance/harmony?

Spend at least 4 - 10 minutes on each question

Keep you journal close by your side all week. Set yourself at least 5 minutes to write every day, even if you feel you have nothing to write, stay with the full 5 minutes, you will be surprised what will come out when you don't give up. 

Record how you feel after every yoga class, meditation and exercise. 

DAY 1 

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The Root & Sacral Chakra Yoga 

Solar Plexus Chakra Theory 

Root & Sacrel Meditation 

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The Root & Sacral Chakra 

Well done, day 2 can be a little harder to stay motivated. Keep it going!!!



Keep continuing with your journal, writing anything that you observe throughout the day. 


Keep me posted on how your doing, post your photos or videos on social media, and tag me Yoga Energy with Katie, lets stay connected!!!

Homework: Grounding Exercise

Root Chakra  


The Act of Grounding is hugely beneficial. Being grounded literally means connecting to the earth.


Today's exercise is to connect to the Earth. If you have a garden go outside and take your shoes off, allow your feet to stand on the soil. 

If you don't have a garden or access to a park, find a house plant or flower and hold it, touch it, smell it. 


The idea is to connect your body to the earth, to ground your energy. Return to yourself!! 


Feel the Earth. Feel how you are part of this Earth. Connect to a tree, a plant, listen to nature.


We can often live in our own heads, and feel like everything is up in the air. Feeling close and connected to the earth, helps us to feel safe and in the present moment.


Creative Exercise - Sacral Chakra 


Do one creative thing today that makes you feel some sort of fear. 


When you feel the fear, thank your fear. "Thank you Fear for looking out for me, but my creativity is not your department"


Maybe that one thing is writing a poem, dancing, paining, making a cake, gardening, taking photos, cut up an old shirt and make a new dress, make earing’s. Make sure this thing excites you! Feel your passion for it. 

Podcast Recommendations

Natalie K Martin is a Yoga Teacher, Author and Menstrual Cycle coach. She has some great insight to why tracking your menstrual cycle is a life changing practice. 

DAY 2 
The Root & Sacral Chakra  

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The Solar Plexus Chakra Yoga 

Heart & Throat Chakra Theory 

The Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation 

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The Solar Plexus  Chakra 

You are midway through your Home Yoga Reterat.


I hope you are feeling the benefits. At this stage you may be feeling uncomfortable emotions, coming to the surface. This is totally normal and part of clearing out and balancing your chakras. Be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself, and take really good care of yourself. 

If you need to ask any questions or share any feeling, please send me an email or message through social media, I am happy to guide you through this as best I can. Don't keep emotions locked up, if you need to share them with me, I'm here, or perhaps talk to a good friend or family member. Keep with your journal and write down anything you are experiencing during this time


Fire Ceremony -  


Using this ceremony as a tool to burn through lower energy's and the ego and transform them, so we can move on with love. 

To create this ceremony, it may be best to do this outside (or maybe in a sink). 

You will need a metal container, maybe a saucepan, a pen and paper, matches and a willingness to let go of anything that doesn't serve your life anymore.  

Begin with grounding your energy (meditation or feeling the earth)

Write down everything that you want to let go. Fear, anger, a relationship, a job, a situation, anxiety, stress.

Mentally set an intention for yourself, (perhaps say a prayer, Arch Angle Michael is responsible for cutting cords and The Elephant God Ganish is the remover of obstacles) But obviously you can choose whoever you are drawn to, or perhaps ask the moon energy or simply ask yourself.  

Begin to light the piece of paper and watch it burn in the saucepan. Watch how the paper changes from paper to ash, it is transformed into something different, the same as your emotions. 

Now - Once you have completed your fire ceremony and released anything that doesn't serve you, start to tune into your solar plexus, and feel the inner power and fire you have to create any dream you wish. Now write down whatever it is you wish to manifest into your life. Dream BIG you are capable of anything!!



Book Recommendations


More Myself: A Journey - By Alicia Keys. Alicia is a deeply spiritual but down to earth individual, who shares her spiritual journey, her life experiences and the tools she uses to keep her light shining bright. I LOVE this book, it really gave me a sense of my feminine power, my boundaries and my inner fire.

The Solar Plexus Chakra  

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The Heart & Throat Chakra Yoga 

3rd Eye & Crown Chakra Theory 

The Heart & Throat Chakra Meditation 

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The Heart & Throat Chakra 

This part of the week, we are moving into the Heart, we are starting to dissolve the ego and live from a place of love and kindness. Leaving behind living from a place of survival. Living from a place of balance between the earth and the heavens in our heart, and expressing our truth fearlessly. 


We will start to slow our physical movements as we move more towards the spiritual aspects of the practice, incorporating more stillness and meditation.

Homework: Gratitude & Truth Journal


I am going to list 4 headings for you to write about in your journal. You can do this daily. The practice of gratitude is an extremely beneficial practice. 

Not only does it help us to see the "bright side" but physically it helps to lower stress levels and keeps our immune system strong!!


So often our truth is very hard to verbalise, writing down our truth is a beneficial practice, as a starting place set our truth free. 


Morning Gratitude: Before you begin your day list 5 things you are grateful for, write down why you are grateful for them. 

Write about what makes you passionate: List all the things that make you feel alive and passion! then choose 1 thing to write about, saying why it makes you feel like this, and how you can incorporate it more into your daily life. 

What is a something you have never told anyone: If it makes you more comfortable you can write this down and then burn it!

What is stopping you from sharing this secret: There is no judgement here, this is a totally private conversation with yourself, perhaps question is it time to share your story? Why/Why not?

The Heart & Throat Chakra  

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The 3rd Eye & Crown Chakra Yoga 

Yoga Nidra 

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The 3rd Eye & Crown Chakra 

Congratulations you made it to the final Day!

Well done on giving yourself this time to build and balance your energy from the ground up


Today is about connecting to your true self. Not your body, Not your mind but your soul. 


Maybe now is the time to make a commitment to yourself to continue with these practices and make them a part of your daily routine, so you can keep on this path towards enlightenment.


Please continue to write in your journal, using it as a place to express how you feel. If you need guidance or support on anything please reach out.

The 3rd Eye & Crown Chakra