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Feel the Fear....and do it anyway!

Yesterday I did a fitness class in No Limits Fitness, Edenmore with the fabulous Sonia Grogan, and it was the first time in a while that I was a beginner!! 

I had totally forgot what it was like to be in a new environment, with new people doing something I wasn’t sure how to do or even if I could do it!! People say to me all the time how nervous they are to start yoga and to be honest I have kind of dismissed them, thinking what’s wrong with them? There is nothing to be worried about in a yoga class, its a totally relaxed environment, its a personal practice, its not about how you look in the pose its about how you feel, yoga is for everybody, you just go at your own pace. But I had forgotten that I didn’t know any of this the first time I started yoga!! 


At the start of Sonia's class I just stood there (feeling like a bit of a pleb to be honest 😂) waiting for instruction, a little nervous to even talk to anyone and when we started the class I kept thinking I cant let myself down what if I look unfit in front of everyone, im suipposed to be the “healthy yoga teacher” what if everyone else looks at me and thinks, oh she’s so out of breath yoga must only be good for flexibility....I was thinking all the negative things I tell my students not to think!! 

Once I got going I lost all thought of what anyone was thinking, all I could think about was when will this round be over, or man im sweating so much and at the end I felt soooo good and haf such a sense of achievement.

So I guess im writing this to let you know everybody feels a bit uncomfortable or nervous going into the unknown, but you should feel the fear and do it anyway! Its such a great sense of achievement to face into something and come out the other side. It make you a stronger person, and you will only be a beginner at the beginning!!!

Also if you are a teacher, why no try being a beginner at something again....anything!! Be the new person to walk into a room, feel the nervousness and vulnerability we all feel in new situations, it will give you a new respect for all your new students.

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