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7 Reasons to Retreat 

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

A Holiday is an extended period of leisure and recreation. A Retreat is the act of moving back or withdrawing. A Yoga Retreat is the best of both!!!

Taking a holiday can be exhausting! We can often feel more tired with we return home, due to sight seeing, late night, over indulging in food and alcohol, I have often said, I need a break after that Holiday!

Here are my top 7 reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat instead of a "Holiday" this year.

1 - Connection: Often on Holidays, hotels or apartments can be lonely places, if you are traveling alone or with one other person, you generally don't speak to many other people. A Yoga Retreat gives you the opportunity to meet like minded people, and to have deep and meaningful conversations, making friends for life.

2 - Time for fun: Life can get very serious, with deadlines to meet and bills to pay, we can ofter forget how to have fun. Yoga often reminds me how to be a child again, not just in happy baby pose but how to laugh at myself and how to prioritise and not sweat the small stuff. On a retreat with no responsibilities, nowhere to go, nothing that has to be done, this is time to laugh and play.

Play games in the pool, discover nature like you did as a child, laugh with friends, get creative.

3 - Inner Fire: Just because we take a break from work/normal every day life, doesn't mean we need to break from keeping our body and mind fit and healthy. On a Yoga retreat we will have a morning and evening yoga session, and an optional fitness bootcamp to keep the inner fire burning so that we remain fit and healthy. If your normal every day life has no exercise routine this is a great way to motivate you to start one!!

4 - Self Love: This time on your Yoga Retreat is all about looking after yourself. With amazing, fresh, healthy foods. Walking up with the sun and starting your day with lots of yoga and meditation, taking time to read a book by the pool. Taking easy strolls in nature and enjoying other treats like massages and reiki sessions. What better way to Love your body, mind and spirit, than treating yourself to the self care and self respect you deserve.

5 - Finding your Voice: In todays world of social media, we often only portray the part of us that we want other people to see. We often censor our self, to fit in. With a small group of open minded people you are free and encouraged to be your authentic self, yoga retreats often have time for deep meaningful open conversations allowing you to express yourself in a way you might not get to normally.

6 - Self Reflection: Although some of the day will be structured with Yoga classes and workshops you will have time and space to reflect. You may find yourself thinking about the new things you have learned, or maybe even assessing your life at home. I will be available to discuss any personal/spiritual issues you may be having.

7 - Spirituality: A lot of us can feel like we are missing something in our life, some never find out what that 'thing' is. I know a lot of my students have felt this way, and have realised that it is connection to their spirit, that is the missing link. The word Spirituality can be off putting for some people, especially if they have had negative experiences with religion or religious organisations. For me Spirituality is something very different, It does not have to mean a connection to God/Universe it can simply be a connection to something other than your body and your thoughts. Some describe it as energy, some say its the soul, some say its divine. Whatever way you look at it, it can be hugely beneficial to connect to yourself on a deeper level.

I am excited to share this special time with you, enjoying fresh homemade vegetarian food, sunshine, good company and of course daily Yoga!! My next Yoga Retreat is March 12th - 18th 2023 in Sammati Wellness Finca, Alicante. Classes will be a mixture of Hatha and Yin Yoga. Bringing about perfect balance of famine and masculine energy that resides within us all. Each class will have a focus on your specific needs, building strenght and flexibility of the body, mind and spirit. The daily workshop will be a fun way of getting to know one another and explore different aspects of how to live a happier, healthier life off the yoga mat. You will also have the opportunity to try a SUP yoga session, go on a guided hike and bask the natural mud baths of Lo Pagan at the near by salt lakes.

You can find our more information here

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