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MCA Yoga Page 

Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the MCA introduction video on the left, before you go ahead with any of the practices. This video is to give you an understanding of the language, benefits and ways of connection to MCA 

Inner Season & MCA Introduction 

Inner Spring Yoga Practice 

Inner Summer Yoga Practice 

Inner Autumn Yoga Practice

Inner Winter Yoga Practice

Check Lists 

I have added some checklists that can help you with different situations that can occur during your menstrual years, such as, Irregular Periods, PCOS, fibroids, fertility issues etc. For more info on these topics go to Red School  

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me privately or on the group page, while I cant give you medical advice I can help point you in the right direction to get expert advice.  

Other useful Info

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