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By filling out this survey it will help me look at where you need balance in your life. At the retreat we will be exploring practices that help you find that balance which is required as an individual. Finding out what your dosha makes it much easier to understand how to bring that balance to your body, mind and soul. 

What are Dosha's?

Vata = Air & Ether

Pitta = Fire & Water

Kapha = Earth & Water

With Yoga & Ayuraveda we work with the 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. We all have these elements within us, and we all have a unique blend of these elements. To be balanced does not mean to have an equal amount of each element. Balance is different for each person. When we are born we all have a unique proportion of the three doshas, this is known as your true nature. This is called your Prakruti and this does not change during your lifetime. 

Vikruti is your current state, when Vikruti is the same as Praktuti you are in perfect health. This is difficult to be the case as we are so influenced by outside forces eg. food, stress, lifestyle, environmental factors. When you are healthy it is easy to deal with these outside forces and bounce back to balance, however when you dont adjust these outside forces you can get so far away from your true nature (Prakruti) that imbalances become worse and disease occurs. 

Do you feel you need to have a certain body type to join a yoga class?
Do you feel you have to dress a certain way to attend a class? How?
If someone asked you to go to yoga, what are your first thoughts about the class?
Has your doctor/physio ever recommneded Yoga
If yes did they specifisy what style of Yoga?
I have wanted to start yoga however
When I think of Yoga I think.....
When you see photos like the one above how does it make you feel?
I dont want to join a yoga class becuse I feel self consious about
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