New Cycle Start September 10th 

 When you sign up, your account will automatically be activated on the day when we meet for our New Moon Circle, and we begin a new cycle. Once the cycle begins, no new members will be permitted until the next cycle. I hope you can join us then.


For centuries women have come together to celebrate their achievements, menstrual cycles, cycles of nature, commemorate their losses and strengthen the bond of sisterhood, through conversation & shared experience. We all need a brave space for real talk, inspiration, support, community and healing.

My vision with this membership is to bring a powerful group of Mná Feasa together, and share my passions of Yoga, Universal Cycles, Energy Healing & Celtic Traditions.

I feel most empowered and inspired while surrounded by like minded sisters, and am honoured to welcome you to my online platform.

This introductory price of €33 is only available for a limited time.

Total Package worth over €100

 “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” ― Maya Angelou

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